What should my next guide be?

What should my next guide be?
  • popup call to actions(buttons)
  • lifecycles
  • peaceful npc
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Remember the guide section is only for guides.
Also all of these have been made before.


ok you realize probably every single guide you could possibly think of ha probably been made so there’s no point in stating that. I’M STILL GOING TO MAKE IT ITS FUN

I don’t think any of these are needed (sorry) I earned the hard way

Look, I’m just going to say something about guides. If you make a guide, then it has to bring something new to the table. Nobody talks about peaceful NPCs and lifecycles anymore, because there are already 773948 guides on them. On the contrary, it is okay to repeat something as long as it is more memory efficient, does something new, or is easier than other methods.

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If its really so uneccassary then why did 8 people (at the time of this post,) vote :skull:

3D Rendering, isometric rendering, real Geometry Dash gameplay, and completely accurate FNAF guide: Am I a joke to you?

Well now I am not doing it.

I feel like you took it personal lol. Also leo_flowers came back yay!

I, in fact, took this personally.

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I was about to agree with you about my useless guides, then you brought up you making FNAF lore :skull:

Remember, the point of a guide isn’t just to make one, its to help people

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Some people found it helpful!!! check the post!

I meant completely accurate gameplay, like how Foxy works. (when he runs, he moved based on frames)

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… There was like one person and they just joined and probably didn’t know about searching :scream_cat:

yk what. I’m not gonna keep doing this useless arguing

Bro marked his own solution and he didn’t even solve anything :exploding_head:

I’m just gonna say something before moving to another help topic. If you don’t want to argue, then don’t pull stunts like this:

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