What should I put on the Moon?

I added the Moon to my map, but it’s super bare bones, what should I put on the Moon?

Space rover and flags and cameras. Also add rocks and space trash


A rocket ship!


A space ship base! Some lunar rocks! Aliens you can sell shop too! Maybe add a asteroids event… low gravity, or make yourself faster…

even Elon musk flexing his cash everywhere…??

(there could be a button that says, “talk?” and when you do it says… you: hey, shouldn’t you be on Mars, Elon?
Elon: Nah, first the moon, then Mars.


Another important thing is the context of the game.



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Craters maybe put a floor on a lower level

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Wow that was perfect

It’s an infection game like Snowy Survival. I’m kinda running out of ideas for areas so I just said the moon

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