What should i name this game?

This game is you in a school as a janitor, and you came into the school 10 minutes early, but the school isn’t really clean, so your job is to clean up the whole school before 10 minutes comes in or else you’ll get fired.

What should i name it?

The Janitor Games
(Assuming there are multiple people and the person who cleans the most wins)

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I’ll need 4 more.
Also no, this is supposed to be a teamwork game.

A sweeping frantic

Clean till you drop


Waiting for other people to submit, then i’ll make a wheel to decide…

The Cleanup Quest- Will it ever be truly clean?

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The Cleaning Games
Sparking Clean?
A Job To Be Done
A Job Well Done
Dirt-trek Madness

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I’ll take that!

Good one!!! Man now I want a janitor game lol

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