What Should I Name My Game?

I’m making a game based off of the game “One Piece: Bounty Rush”. I am thinking of making the name “Gimkit: _____ Rush” or maybe even “Gimkit: _____ ______”. Any ideas of how to fill in the blanks?

Bounty Rush: Gimkit Edition

“Gimkit: Site Rush”

I don’t play that game, i just searched up “How to beat One Piece: Bounty Rush”

One Piece: Gimrush

I don’t think that randomly sticking “Gim” in something works well

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my cousin LOVES one piece. maybe you could say “One Gim: Bounty Rush”? Sorry, that’s really bad.

One Gim: Bounty Dash
Does this sound good?

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free veebucks if you play this map. duuuuuuuh

what in the world :rofl: i don’t think so

Get back on topic now, okay?

Gimkit: Loot Dash
Idk if you think this is good it was the first thing I came up with

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Maybe RushinGim put the og credits and other things in the desc by the way.

One Piece: Gimkit Rush

I’ve been reading suggestions without replying, but I think this sounds like a very good idea, and am going to go with this! Thanks to everyone else who gave suggestions though!

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