What should I name my battle royale game?

Just need some ideas!

1: What’s the theme?
2: What’s the setting?
3: When does it take place?

The theme is battle royale. There are multiple biomes. based off of fortnite but gimnite is already used.

Ultimate Gimkit Royale?

Ok thanks for the help!!!

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Play It when it releases!

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  • Biome Battle

  • Biome Showdown

  • Battle Of The Biomes

  • Biome Brawl

  • Echo vs Vortex: Biome Edition

  • Hamburger: 1000 cheese slices edition :hamburger:

to late :wink:


Battle of the gims
Clash of Gims?
I don’t care about the solution, I just wanna help.

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Um… Why Hambooger?

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Thanks for all the help

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Copy and Paste. :laughing:

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@here, how did we forget :question:

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i didnt check
so i didnt know
very goofy mistake

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enough chit chat
this topic is already resolved
stop posting here

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