What should I make in creative WITHOUT MODS

Idk what to make, all my ideas aren’t possible without mods and I don’t want to use mods this time.

we have tags for a reason idea-catalog

Oh thx my bad lol. Need 20 chars to send

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People might want unique ideas though. Idea catalogs aren’t always the best.


what are mods?
Can you please explain

Im not 100% sure in this case but I think the mod they’re talking about is a modification, an add-on you can download to add extra stuff

WAIT, there are mods in this forum???

mods for gimkit creative search for gimhook

I don’t know what mods you are referring to, Moderators or Modifications?

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Wendover does JS mods.

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Mine is decently good

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Yeah, but people do want more original things… I don’t think that we should tell ppl to use premade ideas, since good ideas are original and unique.

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You can make something that emulates the intro of a YouTube Video

The forums don’t do any modding haha- friendly reminder that there are 3 people on the forums who know how to write mods, me, you and hexa lol
So no need to clarify :slight_smile:

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