What should I do for my RPG map

  • Forest Themed Map
  • Ocean Themed Map
  • Space Themed Map
  • Dungeon Map (just cause)
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Also, if you need any help, try using the rpg.

:rage: Calling me Trop is like calling ClicClac, Clac or NavyCatZ as NavyCat. But I’m just surprised you read my bio…

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You can do any tbh. Just takes a little bit of insert spongebob imagination meme here Creativity.

Its actually calling ClicClac Clac.

Oh shoot i said it oh no.


clicclac doesnt like being called that

rip tl3 oh well

Oh that’s nice to know

Also did you lose TL3 ???

Yeah, don’t know how.

Should I combine the two highest votes and make a map that way?

how about two separate sections?

thats smart, good idea

make the main area a forest and then you can enter the ocean once you have protective gear

What if I added mini-bosses in each area, which would let you go to the bigger bosses, which will lead you to the final boss

Should it be futuristic or modern or ancient/medevial

I think ancient works better with a forest ngl

ok, im closing he poll then, have a good day

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that’s what I said…

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nononono. we can’t afford to lose anybody!

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oh i meant clic

oh boy.

Elementary my dear @Football, elementary.