What should I do for my next map?

I don’t know what to do for my next map. Any ideas?

Well, is there anything specific you want? Like battle maps, sim maps, etc.

Remember search before you post.
There’s like 4 guides on this. Search up ideas in the search bar.

I want an escape room, get a snack, etc.

Good point. But sometimes those don’t necessarily help. They may be looking for very specific map ideas, not broad ones.

Escape rooms… Ok. Let me rack my brain.

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Hope this helps!

Guide for escape rooms

If you need anything like thumbnails, room ideas (props), etc, just ping me! This offer extends to anyone.

Ok… Ngl, VERY off - topic. May want to do a post if you need help with whatever you messed up.

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All good. Just be careful next time.

Platformer with a gimmick:
Celeste dashing, PvP, comically large difficulty without dirty tricks or RNGesus, etc.

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Now I think I want to do a get a snack game.

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Space ruins, a space base on the moon which has been completely destroyed.

Can you describe to me what a snack game is?

UPDATE: Is it like a “Get a snack at 1am”?

is this for a different game? if you need help with your game, please create a different topic instead of cluttering this one.

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They already apologised and deleted it…

yeah but then they added another post about it

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