What should I call my battle royale game

It cannot be fortgim, gimnite or fortkit.(They really bad)


What characteristics stand out from your game? You could use those characteristics to make a unique name.

It’s a platformer battle royale.

Don’t die

Fight! FIght! Fight!

Spydecraft’s Battle Royal

yeah that’s all I’ve got

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I like it, it’s cool (including the “fight” part)

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you can name it fly or diie because of the jumping i don’t know that all I thought of first

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Name it something that stands out, like a series title or something. Any name can be fine if it’s related and not something that is common, ex: battle royale, super smash bros, etc. I also recommend adding emojis in the title, saw one map do it.

How about we name it spydecraft’s battle grounds

Fly or die?

cause like you gotta stay in the air aka platforms which is like flying, or you like get eliminated

It sounds great! It’s your decision on how to name your game though, so if you’re good with that name, go ahead! :smile:

Also, I’m pretty sure search goes by description, not title so put the title in the description too.

Thanks for your opinion, but I need a thumbnail.

You could go open a new topic about that using the art tag. I’m sure there’s someone who would love to make a thumbnail for you. If you’ve found your solution, be sure to mark a reply as a solution so the topic closes automatically.

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