What should I build for my birthday map

You should make a cooking simulator about collecting ingredients, and baking a big cake :D, and add candles using poles, if you feel decorative


Should the map be top down or platformer?
And should I launcher five nights at spydecraft’s plus before or after the birthday map?

Hmmm… My opinion is top down but that’s just me

Interesting way to advertise your game but your not supposed to advertise here.

Well, you could hide a bunch of “presents” around the map, and at the beginning you can get a clue (popup or notification) to the first “present”'s whereabouts, and whenever you open (by button) the “present” the clue leads to, you get another clue (popup or notification) to the next “present”. I guess in the end, you can come across a “pinata”, and when you wack it (by button) a cake falls out (appears, you can show prop or something), and then the game is complete!


Guys I thought of making minigames about every good game in gimkit discovery, so I need suggestions.

Do you have the season ticket?

Yeah I do, why do you ask?

Just so i can give more suggestions
also what games have you made

Five nights at spydecraft’s 1 and 2
Droppers by spydecraft
Spydecraft smp
Bed wars 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0

Maybe a mini hide and seek, lava escape, little battle royale, etc.?