What should I build for my birthday map

So my birthday just past and I would like to make a birthday map by showing many stuff from these last 2 years, any idea? (Minecraft’ reference)

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what kind of stuff?

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Happy Birthday! :partying_face: :tada: [1]

  1. If it already passed, happy late birthday! ↩︎

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you should add a CAKE.


I’m not sure if this is what you meant, but you could do like a birthday treasure hunt or like some present-opening systems. You could also maybe add a pinata and like @margimkitcreator said, a cake.

Also, happy late birthday!

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Happy birthday @Spydecraft245 :smile: :birthday: :+1:


Edit: @Kosm0-o your extra insane now.

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Those are great ideas. How do you do those ideas though. I would love to try them…

Also happy late birthday! I hope I can play that map! :cake: :gift:

What happened ti snom?! Lol


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I am a new person kinda actually. Also, nice picture.


Well, when your post says this, we welcome people.


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Yeah like a cake made out of barriers and tiny props for sprinkles
and add a text box with fire for the fire from the candle

Maybe make mini versions of games you made but just for show for example if you made capture the flag you’d make a 4x4 square of dark scraps and put the same thing next to it but with light scraps, then you put a small flag on both sides black flag on black white flag on white.
then add friendly sentries one being a vortex agent the other an echo then place the vortex on black and echo on white then your done with one mini


game idea:
Blow out the Candles

background info:
it is your birthday and you received a HUGE CAKE, you make a wish, but you don’t have enough breath to blow out the candles.

Game Objective:
Blow out the Candles

You must go underwater and collect rare corals to get more breath.

Every time you go underwater it uses breath.

when you get enough breath you can blow out the candles, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!