What should I add to this game?

I don’t know if I should post this on gimkit yet…

What is your game?

I’m trying to share the link
can i share via email?

replying via email is disabled

just tell us what it’s about

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You can post a code on the wix or Padlet.

you are sneaking into other people’s bases
3 teams
you can use a wooden wand to shoot
barriers between the bases
bases have sentries on their team

What’s the theme? That helps A BUNCH. Not trying to be rude with all caps. But add lore.

  • sentries everywhere
  • traps the teams can place around their base
  • 3d terrain for decor and stuff (and possible use)

no, you shoot the barriers so you can get research from other teams

visuals as in pictures?

idk, kind of based it off of the cold war in the start, but changed that to sort of just sneaking into people’s bases

what do you mean
(sorry im kind of new here)

could i see some pictures of your map for reference?

do you need more?