What should I add to my potato tycoon?

What should I add?
What it looks like:

If You have ideas, please help

This is advertising, which isn’t allowed.

I’m not trying to advertise. I just need help with more ideas @vqnillaxx

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You should show screenshots of what you have in your game instead of advertising it then

spicy potatoes or electric potatoes

Yeah, I suggest you remove the steps immediately and just explain what the game is about and stuff and put screenshots, bc you’re about to get flagged by some people

I think you should add speed boost if not already, and also try some NPC’s and maybe do like a race track where you bet on which potatoes are gonna roll down the hill faster and use a trigger to make it randomized and if you win, you get more money, and you can also add a pvp arena where you fight and if you knock someone out they drop their cash. but when they teleport back they lose their weapons.

remove the advertisement @Astro-123 you will get flagged if you don’t! you already is getting flagged for not removing the advertisement and also PROBALY because you taking longer then usual

tell us next time what you need what you have in your map without showing a way to get to your map!

i can’t help with no info

I fixed it everyone so it is not advertising

Possibly add Sentries that can be built from the outside of each base to protect the base.

Potato monsters if you send me the code i can help you

Add special types of potatoes, like a “Fishy potato” “something’s fishy about this potato” (Is a fish) or a “Clear Potato” “This potato tastes like… chemicals…” (Is a plastic bottle)

I don’t think that’s allowed.

add a secret portal that can teleport a player to have 10,000 potatoes

depends. If it is like with blood, then no. but just a potato with arms and legs with a sentry under it, then yes.

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No, I mean sending a j0in code publicly.

oh. If they send a padlet link then do it in there they will be fine.


potatoes duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

add more stuff to your shop like a one shot weapon

how is this post a add