What should I add to my Plant game?

What should I add to my plant game? Basically, it’s about plants invading Earth and you need to zap all of them to stop it. It’s basically One Way Out but not good.

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for your plant game, I would suggest a few things:
make the game better by letting players get better weapons, faster speed, and power boosts
A Twist
This usually makes this game much better, For example : one of the players teamed up with the plants!
A lore
add a back story for players to follow, and leave messages around to map to support the story
During certain periods in the game, make it so that when a player is knocked out he becomes team plant!

happy to help!


A lore and infection sounds great! Thanks man :+1:

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make it slowly get more over grown throughout the map maybe?


that’s a nice idea. kinda like a time limit effect?

Maybe add a green effect that things start getting greener over time?

I actually was decorating that lol


Maybe a cutscene where the plants invade?


Not really great when it comes to cutscenes. I’ll think about it though. Sounds like a great idea.

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So a game like 1WO huh?
I suggest:

So for a lore I suggest: That the player playing your game is the last human alive on earth and has to fight the plants and eventually knock-out their leader (The pink plant) to bring peace and win the game.

Then as the player is going on their adventure possibly add parts where they find journals of people and maybe make it so that the player discovers that the plants had once been humans themselves?

Adding on to the plants that were humans part, you could make a second map off of that saying it that the player is going to avenge the people of Earth by destroying the evil scientist that turned the humans into evil plants.

For props and decorations I would go with the originals
@KrishnaVA it was :o wow

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That was literally my lore lol. I like the finding journals kinda thing. Makes you feel abandoned and stuff.

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