What Should I add To My Map

This Is the thumbnail’
And you can make walls but they materails cost a lot… Hello??

Maybe add some more mechanics to distinguish it from 1WO, like a sprint meter?

what is this about? I’m not sure

add the option to choose difficulty

I like this idea, also, maybe u should add a boss, or something like that…

That would be to hard cause what I am doing for that is the farther you get int the level the harder it gets

I haves started working on that

Well You are able to make walls with stone since the new update you can place walls

B.A.R.R.I.E.R? the walls can be made with barriers.

What do you mean by B.A.R.R.I.E.R??

If the game is purely gameplay/fighting/escaping, then just add sprint like Clic-Clac said and other power-ups:
(teleportations, speed, and power boost)
A cool thing to distinguish your game from the Actual OWO would be loot boxes:
put them at random places around the map, and have them refresh every few minutes.

Now! if your game is not just gameplay/fighting, you can add lore,
Lore often adds depth to games and is much appreciated by most players

Kids of lore to add:

missing person case

leave notes and the place begging for help:

"I am writing to you in the middle of the night. When you find this, I will be gone. Follow the sentries, and at the last one, a spare key is hidden near it, pls save me, I am begg-- "

“Help, I am being kidnapped, save me from these people, they are planning on escaping the ship… when they leave the ship will activate self-destruction mode and you will all perish, you have 3 more hours.”
(a timer on the top right would be cool!)

Ship Log(like OWO)

for Ship Log you can have 1 or 2 for every level. This gives the player something to follow and I like these “story games”.

“the plants are creeping closer and closer. The only thing keeping us from them is a barrier that we ripped off the armory, now that everyone has access to weapons we have 2 choices: wait for our science group to find an antidote or fight our way through. we have decided on the second one.
– Shade (you can name the character after yourself or make up a new name)”


“Morale is low, the plants we defeat seem to grow back every few moments. The captain told us to stay together as a group, but a few crew members decided to go off alone. Half of our squad is injured and our med pack station is a few more rooms away.
– Shade”


This is a fun one, but it is kind of a “sub-lore”
In this one, there is a drone going through the ship detecting players and giving them hints:

“3 enemies ahead, be careful.”
“lasers ahead, don’t hit the lasers”
“barrier ahead, you are covered”
“___ knocked out 3 enemies and cleared the room, get there before they respawn”
“___ is behind a barrier, go cover for him”

for the last 3, you will need to use block code and properties and I don’t have time to explain how to to it.
and lastly
“drone’s battery is low, charging for the next minute”

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you could make all enemies stupidly hard

ok, maybe the harder it gets, the more loot u get, and the more upgrades u get?

Well maybe but Thanks for the ideas

remove the .'s and what word do you get?