What should I add to my map once platforming comes out ( IF YOU WANT TO HELP ME IN MY PLATFORMER GAME I WILL MAKE A SEPERATE POST once platforming comes out)

ill help!! like, with your platformer game??

Yea with the platformer game.

Yeah with the platformer game.

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sure then ill help!!

please put the description in the body not the title
and mark a solution

Look Foxy Not to be rude but it’s not that big of a deal dude/she (I don’t know what gender you are but I’m gonna guess she cuz of your profile pic)Just saying.

Yeah, I’ll put a link in my bio for people who want to see it, the Discovery search engine really hates it for some reason.

okay thanks I appreciate it

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DUDE YOUR GAME IS IMPRESSIVE. How long did this take you

Couple months, it was around September-October I think.

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Your talented just gonna say that

Thanks! Anyways, good luck on your map!


What the heck do you mean super smash bros?

they thought you still needed help it was an idea for when platforming comes out

Yeah, I don’t. I want to do a hard platformer/battle game

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In your map you should make certain “fake” walls and floors to trick people and also make walls and floors that deactivate and reactivate. Sorta like blinking lights


Add boosts and make a glitch effect while zooming through the air, would satisfy the futuristic theme and the difficulty. On top of that Celeste enjoyers, like me, absolutely love to see themselves nyoom through the air.

@Captain-Gim, how about GKCP (Gimkit Creative Platforming) as the abbreviation instead?

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Welcome back, @Solidgold12345! You haven’t been here in a while.