What should i add in this space?

Lots of sentries.

Bottom text.

no :skull::skull::skull: i meant like props

oh mb um just add more plants and modified ground color ig

meh i could but if i did it will get really boring/ annoying

well i need to know more about the game so i can think of mechanics/props

i cant even walk through this room without bumping into a plant

i will show you a picture of the entire room


What is the main theme/objective/design/purpose of the game~

idk just to explore as much islands as possible

Ok, it seems as if you only have one theme right now and that would be plant, so is the VERY first picture the control room to access other islands?

Just focus on this question for now

Edit: Are you responding? If you are I can’t see your responses~

I gotta go BUT here is an example of what you can do, it could use work:

Basically walkways to your different lands, end of walkway show a sneak peek of what the lands might look like or something like that~

i cant speak bc of the limit for the first day

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Btw I alr got a portal hub

Maybe make it look really sciency with beakers and lab tables and lab floor and blackboards and stuff. Like an experiment area. At least for one part of it.