What pvp game should I make

I have literally no Ideas- also I would like someone to explain how to make it if it’s complicated

Try this:

Well, the most popular and generic one is a battle royale. Here are some key aspects about it:

Starting weapon:
Place a starting inventory device and set the type of weapon you want all the layers to have at the start of the game.

End game when one person is left:
Place a lifecycle set to game start, a relay set to all players, and a counter. In the counter’s editing menu, click on the target tab and make the target value “1.” Connect the lifecycle to the relay and the relay to the counter so it increments. This detects the amount of people in your game. To decrease this value when a player is knocked out, connect a knockout manager to that same counter. The wire setting should be “player knocked out” → “decrement counter.” Then connect the counter to an end game device.

Make a person a spectator after they are knocked out:
Connect a knockout manager (you may use the same one used in the previous mini guide) to a team switcher (make sure the knockout manager’s wire setting is “player knocked out.”) Set the team switcher to specific team and set that team to “spectator.”

Optional: You can give players a method to get better weapons or resources like shops and loot crates.

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You should make a a pvp where you have to have the highest score and and you get score for how long you capture a point(basically a zone in the middle of the map you try to stay in the longest.).

@William That’s called King of the Hill.

Thanks i forgot what its called:D

Hide and Seek: Death Version

Lifesteal Battle Royale
1v1 arena: Like have 2 people spawn in each room, only when there is only 1 player left, can you advance to the next room, where you have to wait for the next person to enter and fight said person: After that, door opens, and winner continues on, repeat as desired. I would make this myself, except I’m out of room.