What props should you use for adventure maps

ya um I’m just homeschooling

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Like I’ve said earlier if you want I can make you a thumbnail for your game but not today maybe tomorrow if you say yes and give me the description of what you wanted to look like

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Actually! I would be so grateful!

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yes i can start working on it tomorrow!

ya in a way its good but in a way it sucks

Maybe have a glitch in the matrix thing, where parts of the map are glitched in appearance. But not ugly prop spam, maybe make it sorta like the Celeste chapter 9 glitches.

Well, There’s a Lot of options but here are my favorites!
You could also make it in a abandoned store or lab!

Ok i would glady take it.

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ok @Build69 can u give me the name to your game

one more thing uh is the maple going to be flat or platform

The name is Hunger games. So people fights each other and the last one standing wins

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i love using the mediveval lanterns and then adding barriers with no outline or collision of varying opacities around the lantern to give off a light effect.


make sure to use the same color for each one and start with one big one with a low opacity, and slowly make them smaller with higher opacities

ok ya that changes everything I’ll get right at it
is the maple going to be flat or platform

It is flat and if you look at my other post what you need wil be their

ok good that helps a lot

Hope it helps! um ya

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Finished? Because I think it will look awesome

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oooh the presser is on im almost done

OMG is is looks so good :heart_eyes: Couldyou add comes with admin console in the corner.
But other then that it look great

Actually get rid of the admin colsole just forget all about me saying it and just leave it with out a admin colsole please sorry if it is alot of work
Thanks for the thumbnail!


that’s what I do
I’m honored to make a thumbnail for a friend

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