What props and things would be good for art?

What I meant about art was like a body
Like arms, legs, clothes, eyes, etc.
Like what props would I use for those things?

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Barriers, and metal poles are good.

like umm for eyes
anime eyes
what would I use
neither of what you said would work
cuz barriers too big

like how could I make something like this
Screenshot 2023-12-25 6.17.49 PM
what would i use

Use props that represent the features of a design you’re trying to make.
(i.e cyborg, use ceramic plates, (eyes) metal signs, (body) gate keycard/s, (weapon) blackboard legs/groundbreaking plants (cracks)

use blackboard legs and/or bread
or just use this
lol (reference but yeah if you shrink it maybe it’ll work?)
also i think you can make kinda oval barriers using rectangular and circular

but like really small and also naturally white
bc its eyes
and squinted

Maybe I just use really small plates
lol like fr they can go microscopic
nvm I solved my own problem
and haiasi solved too so I just mark them as a solution

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