What powerups can I create for a game, and how?


You can make a speed upgrade by hooking up a vending machine (purchase action:“Transmit On Channel”) to a Speed modifier (or whatever it’s called lol) with channels, and make the vending machine’s transmitted channel the same as the channel for the modifier to activate. Then, make a required item for the vending machine, and make the icon shown text in the vending machine settings say “icons/Speed”.

I’ve done that, are there any others, such as endurance?

All the upgrades are possible to make, but some of them get annoying, as you have to switch to entirely different questioners for some of them, and even more than that. They are all possible, though.

Let’s make a power-up system where the players can pick up a special item that heals them and grants a speed boost. You will need:

  1. Button - 1 for each power-up location.
  2. Speed Modifier - 1 for the system.
  3. Health Granter - 1 for the system.
  4. Notification - 1 for the system.
  5. Wires - To connect all these devices.


  1. Start by placing down a Button device next to a prop. This prop represents the item that will give you the power-up. You need 1 Button for each power-up location.

  2. Next, using a wire, connect the prop to the Button. This is to ensure that the prop gets hidden when the Button is pressed. In the Button device properties, change the visibility scope to “Player”.

  3. For the speed boost, place a Speed Modifier device somewhere on the map. Set the “Speed Modifier Value” to your desired speed boost level. You need only 1 Speed Modifier for the system.

  4. Use a wire to connect the Button to the Speed Modifier. This will trigger the speed boost whenever a player presses the Button.

  5. Place a Health Granter device on the map. Adjust its settings so that it will heal the player to maximum health and only grant health, not shields. You need 1 Health Granter for the system.

  6. Use a wire to connect the Button to the Health Granter. This will trigger the health boost whenever a player presses the Button.

  7. Lastly, place a Notification device on the map. Set the “Notification Content” to a message such as “You picked up a power-up. You have healed and are now faster!”. You need 1 Notification for the system.

  8. Use a wire to connect the Button to the Notification device. This ensures that the player gets notified when they pick up the power-up.

Remember, you should thoroughly test your power-up system to make sure everything is working as expected. Depending on your game design, you might want to have multiple power-ups with incremental upgrades (for instance, 1.2x speed and then 1.5x speed). Adjust the properties of the devices as needed to fine-tune the power-up effects.

It really depends on what sort of powerup you want. If you can dream it, you can probably do it. What will vary is how complex it will be to create it. I think you’ll get better feedback if you suggest powerups that you had in mind. Are there any kinds of games you’re trying to emulate (e.g. lots of people want to make Fortnite or Among Us-style games).

I think @leafdoggo meant powerups like the ones in the default Gimkit modes, ones that cost resources to get. Your upgrade seems a bit basic, and it seems kind of pointless, as if it has no cost, then anyone could get it for free anytime. (yeah i know you cant read this since ur a bot)

You could try adding regeneration, passive energy granters, or sprinting.

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