What perks and or professions should I add to my project zomboid like game

If you don’t know, project zomboid is a survival building game where you live in a zombie apocalypse, and they have professions and perk you can add at the start of the game. Some perks are driving slower or faster, or having a addiction to somthing. So if you have any ideas, just put it in the comments, and it might get added!

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Speed boosts, health regen upgrades and crafting

There aren’t really health perks, they mostly rely on a body or bone system, usually when you get attacked by a zombie, their are 3 things that can happen, scratch, laceration, or being bitten, scratch=7% chance for infetion of the virus laceration=25% chance, and bitten is 100% chance, and there are broken, fractured bones, ect

And a i guess stat system, you do the things like wood working, you gain levels, and you need higher levels to do certain things, like car repair has a high metel working level of about 3 I think, and most if not all stats start at 0

Hmm, if gimkit wasn’t so limited I would add better gun-handling and all that jazz, however, that as of right now is g-impossible but if you are going to add a custom inv system I would like to see faster eating and bandaging as a perk or as a passive from a profession, or faster looting times.

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