What other things should I add to my laser tag

I just looked at it.

I made my own version.

do you think you can put the link here

No. I meant that I thought of my own version of stuns. I didn’t make my own map.

oh ok < ooooooooooooodaooo >

No Spaces in the <>. Also, oops wrong link

what why does it do that

oh now it works

Those ideas are great!

Any other ideas?

What other ideas do you have?

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Oh wait. I only saw a blank message. I’m sorry. I’ll edit that out.

Hey, this is giving ME ideas!

I’ll work on something later.

Please mark a solution to close this post!

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I don’t think that ideas tags should end in 3 hours.

Well, it has 50 replies, so it’s a bit long. Also, it’s gotten a little off-topic.

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