What other mini side mission should I add to my game

I need help thinking of another side mission I already have one but would like another need ideas

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What is your game about!

Secret misson.

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it like a dungeon game

Have a no collion bookshelf so you can get the secret misson

Maybe the mission could be to defeat a few of a certain type of enemy’s(If you have Enemy’s in your game)

I do but thats the main mission

Or to explore a certain place

done that in my first mission

You could have the players retrieve a item that a npc lost in the dungeon.

Alright :smiley: :+1:

that is in my other mission

you have to retreve a silver seed

you could senrtys to fight

you have to find a silver seed and then turn that in to shop witch will get you a ticket witch you can you to get a gimfish then you give it to a guy and he unlockes a door that gives you the evil eye

so when they go in a room they have to fight the sentry to get through

but that was my first mission and its done

and there are sentery all over

i think you should put a space room and use the space hatch then put a teleporter on it make the teleporter invisible in game then when you walk in the hatch you get teleported to the end