What monsters should I have in my dungeon crawler and what abilities should they have?

I have abominable snowmen that slow you down and goblins with lasers to protect their loot.

You could have spiders with webs that slow you down.

ok what weapon?

Wooden wand?


Maybe a minotaur that has 1.25x - 1.5x speed with the sling shot?

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I could try to make a plant-minotaur but I would not be able to make it move while keeping it damageable. But thanks for the suggestion!

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Also, Welcome to the Gimkit community!

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How a monster that has a shield around it that randomly turns off? If you kill it, it turns into a rock that you have to destroy in one minute or else it respawns with full health? You could call them Earth Golems.


Oh you’re using sentries my bad :b


No, you’re fine.

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Welcome to the community, @Hill0!

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Unfortunately, I can’t do the rock transformation part because rocks can’t have damage enabled. (sad, I know)

It’s hard to mark a solution in ideas posts.


How about using a barrier instead? Or a secondary sentry, less accurate sentry linked to a rock prop?

I just have it using a quantum portal with rocks scattered so you have to get close to it, also some sand and dirt terrain

cyborg. it is a robot with an evil eye (thats it lol)

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I know I am late, but what about an epic giant with a laser?