What is wrong with the questioner + Poll

I have this setup

Basically, it asks if you want questions for your game, one says no, which they just start the game, but the other is supposed activate a movement meter. Also, since you have to pick the amount of energy per question, that’s what the other side does, it adds an overlay and questioner that grants your desired number, but for some reason, the movement and overlay never show up.

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What should the Sentry Wield?
  • Blaster
  • Zapper
  • SL
  • QP
  • WW
  • EE
  • PML
  • Slingshot
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The poll is for when you have no weapon and have to survive the wrath of two sentries trying to murder KO you. Which weapon is best, so it’s not to OP. (NOTE: The one with the most votes isn’t guaranteed, I also take into consideration who voted for what)
@ClicClac, any ideas? Or anyone else? Since this game is published, answers are vital!


Well, the first question, why did you ping me are your wires right?


Because you’re smart and active at this moment

Yeah, I tripled checked.

To show the host how much energy you lose. You lose 50 energy every .5 seconds.

There’s only one…


No, actually, there, they are connecting to a teleporter

Same answer, look above.


To reduce posting


What’s 50 energy per .5 seconds for?

Are there any blocks affecting the overlays?

Then if that’s so, what’s the other movement meter for? The first one?

Is the death supposed to be embarasing or as a sorta insult because then getting Ko’d by a weak weapon would be sad, (but funny)

Also, what are the 3 buttong connecting to at the bottem of the screen?

They are connecting to the overlays

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Screenshot 2024-03-29 120305
I meant these 3, are they as well?

What are the Game Overlays set to? (Tracked resource, button, and whatever the other one is)

This means there are 2 different Overlays right? If so the top overlay quote is a button, and the second overlay in the post is a Tracked item, correct?

(Why are you quoting everything we say in one post? To reduce guide bumping?)

Ok, I figured out the problem with the movement meter, I forgot to add a tracked item to it :person_facepalming:
The overlay is still not showing up though…

I just figured out the Game Overlay issue. It’s not showing because I forgot to give it a name (text). :man_facepalming:
We still need people voting for the poll though

What rarity should the Slingshot be?
  • Common :white_large_square:
  • Uncommon🟩
  • Rare🟦
  • Epic :purple_square:
  • Legendary🟨
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How was I pinged?

At the end of the game, I’m gonna have a PVP, but I need roles, so I’ll ask you guys.

I want a role in the game
  • Yes
  • No
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It’s part of my lore, weekends is Orbit, Weekdays is Stache.

Ah, yes, memories. I’ll do that on weekends.


you changed your PFP again???

ohh that’s pretty cool

He changes it very frequently

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but why isnt it Stache :cry: I remember him as stache

I still remember him as a Blue Dragon, but anyways, anything else Gimsolver, Solver of Gim?


yea theres just something abt us ppl who have diff pfps like every month XD
prob gonna keep this one on for a while cuz I want ppl to know its me

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