What is there left to add to my Battle Royale map

So I’ve been working on a battle Royale map for a while with a group of friends and we’ve adding a bunch of features such as (get ready for some yap):

A 3 Lives system that actively displays how many lives you have left
One main island and 3 different areas each with a boss that lets you get buffs
A tutorial room
Slurp Barrels and Trucks
Chest that give you a random weapon and some money
(In development) A shop where you can spend your money
Pickaxes that you spawn in with
A credits room
And that’s about it

Any suggestions of whats left that could make the map more fun?

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Use buttons and pop-ups by Papers or Computers to hide lore about the slurp trucks or stuff like that.
Make a super rare key that you have a 1% chance of getting when you knock out someone. This key can be used to buy a super good gadget.
Create NPC’s that can give you side quests.

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Why would there be a side quest in a br?

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a really short one.
“Find garry a bannana and he gives you a slingshot”

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Now this may sound useless but, maybe a mini-boss? Or a “Easter Egg” I find those fun along with my friends.


Could you provide link of map so we can see what we might think to add though?

He can’t it goes against the Forum Rules.

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oh. but are names ok to provide?

I’m not sure if that would fall under advertising or not.
However, it doesn’t sound like he has published it yet, so it would be meaningless.

Your right I haven’t published yet

did you add shrinking zones?

Nope but I’m not sure if it would work because I have a lot of boss areas in the far parts of the maps so it would make them hard to fight in.

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