What is the devices category used for?

I understand what the other category’s are for, but I’m not sure what it is is for.


I don’t know what its used for either. Lately, its been used for research topics and deleting guides. Its just a wasteland or a miscellaneous category.

Do you think that anyone else might know?

I’ll ping a few older users. @ClicClac @Blackhole927 @mysz @NavyCatZ

The device category doesn’t have much of a use. As of now, it’s used for general posts about gkc things that are the borderline between help posts and guides. They don’t ask for help, but they aren’t exactly guides either. They’re still on topic though. The other use for this category is a dumpster for deleted posts or off topic stuff.


Yeah, Devices is usually about either:

  1. Device questions (made obsolete by TUGTEDs 1-3)
  2. Where to put off-topic questions.

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