What is the 'Device Tier List'

Hey, @ClicClac, what’s a device tier list? Are there any guides on it?

I need to stop making things up on the spot…

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That’s what I do, too.

So, basically, if anyone does it, a device tier list would be, well, a tier list of the GKC devices, ranked by something, most likely usefulness.

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However, opinionated posts are generally discouraged.

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Perhaps ranked by ratio of solutions to related questions…
Like if the answer to a lot of help questions included ‘Checker’ that would be first on the pyramid.

I mean like usefulness in-game AND in the current metagame. Like, the end game doesn’t do a lot, not in-game or in the meta, but it specializes in its own field. Or like item granters, which don’t do a lot, but are so important in today’s meta.


Since this is kind of off-topic, you may want to mark a solution.

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