What is going on. [halfspam halfnot] DO NOT REPLY please [do if you want to trigger me]

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do not reply. do not flag. just read and leave and do something more productive

oh yea. you can like, it will trigger my notif. quick head up.

why did you put mine in there? that was in like in January, and I now make thumbnails for people

1: i told you not to reply.
and 2. just because it popped up on my screen for no reason.

HE SAID DO NOT REPLY. also thumbnails requests are not allowed anymore from what I know…

ok, I’m sorry for posting but I swear that the forums might enter some French revolution type era in a bit if Josh and the staff don’t get this.

honestly, I don’t know. I might be paranoid.

@Undertale umm. One I told you not to reply. and 2 that will rarely happen. yk why. It’s because The Napoleon meme is dying. Now let’s get on a real topic.

I’m sorry, I’m just trying to voice my opinion here, mainly because I’m worried for the forums.

true. Back in September, I thought Undertale was going to take over haha. Its okay, (no one ever goes here cuz no one knows me in the first place.

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I wouldn’t post these, they get flagged almost instantly

did you read the guide? IT SAYS DO NOT REPLY

Did you read the rules? We can’t make posts like this. Even if you do, make a decent essay.


you’re not really supposed to make posts like this.

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look, i won’t change the title, but i’m moving this to Devices , ok?