What is gimjam?

can someone explain gim jam

It is a competition for 5k gimbucks
I think it ends today

Yeah, sounds right.

thank you for helping

No it ends on the 20th. They extended the date.

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It is a contest on the discord with a prize pool of 5,000 Gimbucks, yes josh said so. There is no theme, but you need to create your own map and enter the contest before the 20th of this month.

Does it need to be a gamemode?

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Yes, a functional working creative game.

Hm ok.

There is a theme.

It’s ‘underwater’ and while it’s not required, those with the theme will be weighted higher than those without.

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You need discord to j0in

Why was i never told that? All this time and no one told me now?!

Did you read Unstable’s message?

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No, i have limited access to Discord, school pc does, and doesn’t allow it, its weird. But I was told on the WIX many times that there is no theme.

Can you tell me what that message was?

Wait, what is this? I never heard about GimJam.

Its a gimkit creative underwater mapped theme build competition

… Wow, read the post above that i made.

Um, would this be the sort of spam to flag?

Yes it would.