What is considered off-topic?

I am new to this forum I joined a few days ago, and I just want to know what I can post and not post

(Sorry if this is off topic)

welcome @sirad . things like game codes and chats are considered off topic on the forums.

also making thumbnails for other people is considered off topic. you can use the wiki for that

Umm I think that… asking things not GK related… right?? :person_shrugging:

ok thank you @Pandapants2000

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your welcome, make sure you mark a solution. also make sure you don’t have anything inappropriate in your guides or questions, or you will get flagged and maybe even banned.

actually we do use make thumbnail posts just make sure to stay on-topic, friendly, posititve, and it must be related to gimkit!
(gimkit-made thumbnails like with props or pixel art has the least chance of being flagged)

Welcome to gimkit creative!

(there’s a notification about what not to type :wink:)

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