What is a good idea for my gimkit room?

What should i make for my GimKit room any idea’s guys? And have a nice day! :smile:

Welcome to the community @TyreeseSimmons! What do you mean by a gimkit room?

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That is cool! I will like to help you on your thing so can I please help you?

What is cool? Do You wnat to help me with my map?

What is the theme, point and function of the room? And welcome to the community @TyreeseSimmons!

Make sure to read the FAQ and TOS to get a better understand of the communities rules.


Like creative room like working togetther how does that sound?

yesssss sirrrr wayne

TyreeseSimmons Welcome to the Community, Gimkit code sharing is not allowed on this forum, you can go to a Wix site or the Gimkit Discord. If you want to help someone, you can make community guides for all to see, or reply to help & bug topics and help people with their specific problems

Community made guides:
Here you post your mechanics, systems, and the occasional art.
Remember to search before you post because someone might have already made it
(Pictures are powerful! use them)

Help topics:
If you want to help someone here simply reply and tell them your way of making the system they need. If someone already helped that person, you don’t need to reply, simply like that person’s post, or just leave it alone, useless posts cause clutter on the forums

I hope you have a nice time at the forums, most of the people here are SUPER nice!

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Yeah I will like u do help me with my map

Email me at hornemanchild2@outlook.com

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welcome! you could add a rug couch or probly and filming room