What Ideas Can I Add To My Map

thank you so much! (again!) another idea! sentries(guards) and when you are behind props(set as zones that switch sentry to friendly, they cant see you! and every couple seconds or so, you can deactivate the sentry so they like turn around or go to the bathroom. make sure the sentries one shot you! also for the code, i would recommend hidden button under filing cabinet that shows notification/popup with code, and grants item then some computerish prop with a button that says open, and if you have the item, you unlock the computer

Reminds me of Fnaf SB

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i would put it in an order like this

  1. break in(the sneak mission)
  2. find code, mess around, hack the computer
  3. sneak mission 2 maybe?
  4. laser evasion!
  5. steal the cool item
  6. get out (stealth mission 3!)

1: Break In (The Sneak Mission)
2: Find The Code and Break Into the Firewall (Hacking the computer and messing around)
3: Sneak to the base (Sneak mission 2 basically)
4: Lasers going On and Off (If Possible and Getting Into the Firewall)(More Lasers in mmy game)
5: Grabbing weapon or Hardrive (Cool Item)
6: Get out.

Something like this Basically?

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yeah! honestly this sounds super fun to play! you could make a separate topic so people can give reccomendations, this was a bit of an on-the-spot idea

Thanks, If your on the wix. Soon it’ll be ready and then I’ll test the game.
Or I can send you the code via email

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is this the wix link:

Yeah it is, Make sure its code sharing

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Here are some themes if you need them

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Thanks dude :smiley_cat: I’ll make sure to read it!


:laughing: Lol Bro wasn’t that like a week ago?

Ye, but I have just been reading all the comments bcs I haven’t been on for a while.

:laughing: Lol, Atleast I ain’t the only one who does that


YE. Let’s get back on topic though, this forum isn’t for chatting.

I know that

facts @FireAlta2183

can u let message me if the code is on the wix?

Of-course @satorugojo1

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yeah my school computer has the wix site blocked so it might be a bit cause i have to get home after school adn get the code from my home device

Alright understandable