What hasnt been created? in gkc

so im looking for ideas to try and build difficult stuff with my buddy

make a laser tag game

a game where you teleport the gim across moving platforms

make a challenge board like GrayStillPlays does

wdym challenge board? like what kind?

challenges that makes you want to pull you hair out that have time limits certain order buttons like that

me and my buddy could make that just random integer buttons that teleport you to various places and teleport you back out when the time limit is up

go on youtube and look up GrayStillPlays that could give you ideas

yeah i´ve watched him bearded dude with a good sense of humor and usually does happywheels and all that right?

anyways lets not get off topic

just get creative that is what you need to do


I’m not creative though. I’m just gimkit creative. Anyways, a working computer has not been created in GKC.


Maybe try making chess

its impossible because you would have to generate every single possible move which is more than there are atoms in this world :skull:

Or a calculator
(It’s possible but very tedious, atleast that’s what i think)


Chess is not actually impossible. @Blackhole927 is currently creating a working version (that is doing pretty well, from my knowledge).

Are your refuring to device guides or art guides.

Device guides.


Oh well thats more than like 100 guides.

Wonder how much memory chess would take up.

Not much- I’m at 18% right now, and I’m estimating about 25-30% for the final amount.

Using text