What happens if you get banned?

I was just wandering. Say I got banned temporarily and my map was saved. When the ban comes off, do I get the map back? Do I get anything back? How do I know what I got banned for?

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every thing stays as it was unless gimkit deletes your account. so if you are temp banned or suspended all of it will stay until the time ends.

your maps get lightsabered (if deleted) >:D

Thx guys. I’m sooooooo happy about that!

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My map had like, 88k plays and it took a long time, so i watned to know if i got it back.

what’s your map called

I don’t want to get in trouble for showcasing, but it’s called ULTIMATE GIMNITE.

you should be fine on saying the name, just no link

Just- Basically What @WolfTechnology Said

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K thanks sounds good

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