What features could I add in Gimkit Fugitive

I need ideas for what the Player’s could do or what events could happen

Is this like a murder mystery game?
Also the game-mechanics is now unused.

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a bank robbery or a fight scene.

Maybe a chase scene? With animated sentries (using triggers) and if the sentries kill the player they lose? Idk

Add a place where cops can see where the robbers are like 1 time a minute

A secret alley with a shady trader that may give you a great deal or a scam.

A secret thieves guild behind a prop with collision turned off where you can sell stolen stuff.

NPC’s that act friendly but they steal from you and kill you with bombs/landmines :skull:

It’s where some people try to see other people going to another place, and if they see them and catch them, they turn into a seeker. kind of like hide and seek, but you have to go somewhere to win though.