What even happened this time?!

I saw my sibling (again, if you know you know) customizing a vending machine but somehow the icons looked smushed up, and this time, it’s NOT in fullscreen mode.

Reload? Vending machines have the weirdest bugs…


Does it happen to other vending machines?

check the rest of the vending machines.
If that doesn’t work, rehost the game, and if that doesn’t work, restart your computer.
After that, if the glitch still happens, I don’t know what to do.

yeah when i was playing tag (the original one by josh) during study hall it had that same glitch

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yeah, it happens to me too

When I play farm chain if I look at the vending machine as I’m moving away it does this


same here

Suggestion: use a barrier and the prop thingy with gold-silver shape that looks like vending machine. Put the barrier over the prop. Then add a item image on top. Then add text and another item image for the price.
Then get a button, make it transmit on “vendingmachine” and have a vending machine attempt to purchase on “vendingmachine”.

Dibs on making a guide for this!

that will work
and I can’t wait for your guide

Hopefully this helps!

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Yeah for some reason this always happens, it also happens if you put too many vending machines causing a “go through” bug and making most of the vending machines disappear when you refresh.

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