What does it mean sentries now react to barriers and props?

so I read the change log I tested this sentry barrier/prop interaction thing in the change log with a barrier over a sentry that activates 10 seconds after game start but it did nothing so what exactly does this mean?

I think when sentries now react to barriers/props is that they can now target, and damage them.
I’m not too sure either, but I think that’s what it means.

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oki I’ma test that real quick

I’m not sure, but that seems likely.

:open_mouth: never thought of that theory

not really they don’t target props or barriers… ._.
what could this mean???

i’ve been trying to investigate this all morning it’s really not sure what this is

okay, so back then, when a prop with collision off, the sentry would think that is has collision on, but now, sentries know if a prop has collision on or off.

haven’t tested cuz I’m lazy

Well, sentries only really target other players, they only target enemy sentries, props and other devices with a hitbox that can be shot at, it’s just by accident.
Imagine if I stay in one place and right as a sentry is about to shoot, I move to another direction which causes the sentry to target the prop.
Well, sentries can now target other sentries and will hit the closest player or enemy sentry next to them!

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oki was hoping for something more exciting but oof ._.

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