What Does HTML Code Do On GKC

Well, this is just a guide for people on what some of the html code does.


First we have drop downs. Drop downs are basically what they sound like. You click on them and it drops down a bunch of text like this

Here is the code for dropdowns

This text will be hidden

They are very useful for guides. Essentially, they’re a gim’s best friend


Polls. Polls are very useful for things like asking people a question, or for people to rate your guide. Here is the html code for it:

[poll name=poll1 type=regular results=always chartType=bar]
* Option 1
* Option 2

Hidden Poll Hidden polls are polls that can be made with dropdowns, even though those aren't normally possible, like this!

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Hidden Poll      
[poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]
* Option 1
* Option 2 
Blurred Text

You’ve probably seen this a lot and you’re probably wondering, how do I do this?
Well, the answer is easy, just type this code in your message:

[spoiler]type or paste code here[/spoiler]
Bold & Italics

Have you ever wanted to write some Bold, Italic or maybe even both?

**strong text**


*emphasized text*


***strong and emphasized text***

Have you ever wondered how to add links to your texts like this? Well, simple, press the button next to italics, or just type in this code

[Text you want](link you want)
Html Code

If you want to put code then first type in these letters with a space in between:

```type or paste code here```

Please note that true HTML will not work except if you use GKC specific html like the ones listed above

I believe that Jeffo said to stop making forum guides. This guide also isn’t very original, as people have made tutorials on using forum features like this before.


@ShinyRiolu, hasn’t someone made a guide like this already

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I haven’t seen that.

I didn’t see that either

@Blackhole927 wait what, stop making forum guides! What’s the point of the forums then!

These forums are for GKC and there are many forum guides now

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I still don’t understand

This is a guide about using the forum, not GKC


ohh, I get it now. Thank you

Guides about the forums themselves. Edit: just saw max1’s post.

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