What do you guys think of my Frostbite solution?

Ok so some of you may have seen some of my posts from before fall break asking about solutions to some problems with my Frostbite game. I think that instead of shooting players with snowball launchers I’ll switch it to tags, since there’s no good way to track if you’ve been hit. When a player gets tagged they get one frostbite and I use pseudo-health to track how much health the player has and deal damage over time for their frostbite. and then when their pseudo-health runs out they will die and switch to a spectator. Do you guys think it’ll work?

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you can’t deal damage without a laser or sentry

basically they’re not dealing damage, its just taking away frostbites that represent health, and when they run out, you go to spectator


I think

close, but frostbites aren’t health. frostbite represents a “poison” that deals damage over time. then when they run out of pseudo-health in the health property, that’s when they switch to spectator.

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It uses pseudo-health and then when they run out of pseudo-health they become a spectator

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Yeah it could possibly work with a counter.

I’m not the best with complicated stuff like this but it sounds like it will work.

That should work properly with a counter or trigger like @WhereIsMyHat said

that would work

I think the only way to do is with pseudo-health. It’ll take memory, but it would work.

If only we had damage modifiers or NEGATIVE HEALTH GRANTERS!!!


I think they are adding it, there was a poll asking for a crafter and something damage-related and a preset sound mechanic

I know, I’ve been wishing for the negative health granter for a long time. Like ever since I started.

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Noice Guide, @TimeMechanic!

Yes you are right this should be a guide. Unless someone already made one since the three months ago that I posted this lol.

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