What do I do if my spawn pad is not working when I start the game

What do I do if my spawn pad is not working when I start the game.

Change the settings to “game” not pre-game

i did that but it still not work

It’s probably a glitch or you have 2, it could also be t’s settings, like if it was set to tea. 2 or if it was like for the host.

Also you can have life-cycle set to game start hoo.k to teleporter and teleport their.

And if you want specific people just make a relay before teleporter.

do you have pics of that please

Check the team, whether or not only the host can spawn there, what team you want, etc.

If you have 2 on same settings then only one will be chosen to spawn you

have 1 and thats it i wont need more

No, it should stay here. It’s a device problem, not because of the game.

Screenshot 2024-05-17 9.14.03 AM

Can add relay for certain players if wanted but this bypasses the wrong start position.

i dont want teleport

Yeah, but this bypasses it because you don’t know why it works, this does the same thing.

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what do i set the life to

Game start


Twenty charecters.

it still dont work how u do it

also is there a dcvice that deletes a prop when commanded?

No, but you can hide the prop on a channel or wire, also try a trigger on it for a second. Also you will need a relay otherwise it only does one person.