What do I add to my P.V.P map?

I’m making a map that’s called mountaintop royal that’s a two teen roll playing game.
It has the medik with a zapper and medpacks
the minigun with a snowball launcher
The bomber with the P.M.L
and others. I need help making it look better with more things. any ideas?


Make a class that has 2x damage boost and a maxed quantum portal, but they either can’t move, or have like 0.05 speed

so like a heavy dude?


pretty much, but also make them have like 50 health max. Like a glass cannon


Here is a list of classes you could use.


Maybe, friendly sentries who will grant you powerful abilities if you complete their quests, however you must also be able to survive the other players or sentries who are hostile to you while you do the quest.

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ok ok, but what about turrets that you have to buy and they can shoot the other team?


@Pandapants2000 That would be awesome.

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thanks for all your input. :smiley: have a good day

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why did you mark your own post as a solution when other people helped you

ok better somewhat


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