What do i add to my map?

what do you think i should add to my story map?

What’s the theme of the map?

Whats it about?

robots chasing you down after you escape their prison

Custom bosses.

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Hmm. Make a quest where you help out some inmates

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So maybe try these guides and add sci-fi related props to you map.

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so in that case as some props you could add futuristic barriers, command tables. and for terrain you could make a mixture of lab floor and concrete. lab on inside, concrete on outside.

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btw after you escape you find a bunker to hide in and you have to break a wall and a command table to access a hidden part of the bunker that is infected,then you have to turn off the alarm and destroy some cabinets,after that you find and break a tool box,then you can use a 3d-printer to make a barrier dissolver,then you take a space ship and it crashes after hitting a meteor,and that is all i have for now

you could use a prop with damage active, so you have to find a weapon and destroy the prop, as for the bunker, you can eaily use a button and a teleporter.

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Thanks,I got to go! beyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Decorate your map with some robot-making factories.