What do i add to my dragon?

What should i add to my ender dragon and how does it look

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Honestly, I do not know. Maybe some eyes and depending on how you want to present it to the players (scary, friendly, or something like that) will be a major factor on what you should add to your dragon. Good Luck!

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I have a question how are you a og if you j0ined the forum less than a hour ago?


Add a top hat to it :tophat::tophat::tophat:

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Lol. That is just my title. I like it.

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add the crystals healing it

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Hey uh…your code is showing

For being in Gimkit, that isn’t bad. Maybe you could add some details like the eyes or even make the wings look like the actual Ender Dragon wings. That is pretty good

I ended the game so whoever joined :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Could someone help me on my topic “How to make flashing text.”

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Also thanks for everyone’s help today i finished “GimCraft” in one day

it looks pretty 2d maybe make it seem more 3d?
also eyes and bigger body

I mean its suppose to be 2d minecraft