What dimension is Gimkit?

Ok, the title is weird, I know. But I have a question that I need smart Gims to answer.

What do you think of when I say “3d game”? For me, I think of Mario 64, Minecraft, and COD.

But Gimkit isn’t like any of these. We’re confined to a flat playing field. No jumping or anything.

Gimkit isn’t a 2d game either, we can move up and down.

So, I know I’m missing something. This topic is most likely stupid and has a clear answer, I just can’t find it.

What type of game do you think Gimkit is?

i think its 3d but gives the illusion of 2d because of screen tilt just like pokemon games

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Gimkit has 2-D modes. Which have a section in games.
The classic ones where you don’t move are not.
GKC is 2d.

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The normal gimkit game is 2D, and the platformer is 2.5D.

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It is a 2-dimensional game.

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That’s actually a good question-
probably 2d?

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Theres a 2.5d? I have to look this up.

It is 2D referse to background movement that give the illusion of your character moving when its accually just the background.

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Based on what everyone else is saying, probably is.

This makes the most sense to me.

Its like a combo of 2D and 3D, more or less a made up name.

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I would say that GKC is a 2d isometric game.

I’m just learning so many new words today-

It just means that it is a 2d game with the camera angled to give it a feeling of being 3d.

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i feel its the other way around but okay

You only have access to two dimensions, but a good argument could be made either way. The fact that there is variation on the y-axis (things don’t have the same texture from the ground to the sky) is pretty good evidence.

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