What devices can wire with a property?

Having a hard time figuring out. Can anyone list all the devices that can wire with a property?

The property device is a special device that can not start or end a wire.

In return, it can store values, specifically Text, Numbers and a True/False value and has powerful blockcode (not from the device itself, but from other devices like triggers)

How do I make a device increase the value of the property? (the type of data is text if that even matters) For example : if I press a button it increases the value or if I buy something from a vending machine it increases it

No, increasing values does not work with text.
You’ll have to use a Number Property.

You can use a Counter-Linked property and increment/decrement/reset it with a wire.

(Device) When this event occurs —> (Counter) Increment/Decrement/Reset Counter

Since the counter is linked to the property, the property value changes as well.

The Counter being linked to properties changing the value does not work if it’s a Text or True/False type.

Here is how you can increment it with blocks:


Set Property “property” 
Value | + 1

Wait you can wire a property to something else.
Screen Shot 2023-12-09 at 7.34.38 PM

What device?

To any device. Property value changes → (any device)

Can you send photos of how to increase it with the number property if possible? I want it to increase with a button.

Place a Counter-Linked property.

(Button) Button Pressed —> (Counter) Increment Counter

I think it’s pretty easy but if you need a walkthrough and image I can give you one.

It’s been a feature since May…


but how would it increase the number property? there’s no channels or wires to a property?


Linking a counter to a property is commonly written as counter - property, with the dash representing the link.

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