What custom Pokeballs should I make?

I want to create custom pokeballs like the master ball. What should they look like and what should they do?

Make some of different colors and make some square pokeballs as well. They can function stronger than other balls, depending on color. Square ones will just bounce all over the place.

make a gimball the colors will be purple and green!

What should it do?

kinda be like a master ball but you have to answer questions to be a master ball. ( if you don’t have questions than it is a master ball)

I’m going to skip the question’s part and instead make you need a gimfish to turn it into a gim ball.

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Just use barriers to make the poke ball and make them disapear when they collect the pokemon.
Screenshot 2023-10-25 11.05.11 AM

Is that an electrobe? Because I’m 61.2% sure that the red is on the top.

Yeah, just flip it around, and make a great ball, mega ball, fast ball, nest ball, deluxe ball, and time ball. Just some ideas.

Okay, I’m not sure what to do to create those but I’ll try.

here is some images of them.
Master Ball - SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki
images (14)
images (66)
images (67)
images (68)
images (69)

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Do a purple gim ball with a G on it

I said that already.

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oops, i didn’t see it. My bad

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its all good.

I’ll do it on the one with the least solutions.

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