What could I add to spydecraft's battle grounds?

What could I add into this battle royale game?

Please give more information.


One thing I can suggust is a shop run by an imobalized sentry, where you can buy gadgets, sheild, health, up-front or in packs/cans. Also, you can upgrade current gadgets. For example, 2 commons equals an uncommon, 2 uncommons equal a rare, etc. This is accomplished with crafting tables. As well, you buy this with the in-game currency. You can get this when another player is knocked out, anyone can get it, or from chests.

Chests are items that randomly appear throughout the map due to players entering random zones, and counters repeating themselves until a certain point in the game. Using a randomizer, the chest will give you three items. The possibilities are 1 in game currency, 3 in game currency, 5 in-game currency, a common, uncommon, or rare varrient of every gadget, a med pack, a sheild can, an upgrade token, a random key, or nothing at all. The keys and gadgets are the most rare, The keys being extremely rare.

An upgrade token is a second in-game currency witch allows you to upgrade at the shop. It can give you things such as speed and damage boost, using devices.
If people have one or limited life, then on their last/only life, when they are knocked out, they have the chance to barter upgrade tokens for it. If they can pay the toll, which you decide, they respawn, and if they don’t, team switcher to spectator, not using the world settings because of redemtion. This happens via pop-up.

The green, purple, and gold keys unlock special chests known as elevated chests, taken using inventory managers. These provide the following chances, with five slots: 10 in-game currency, 20 in-game currency, 5 upgrade tokens, any epic or ledgendary gadget, 5 med packs, five sheild cans, another random key, or 3 of the same type of key. The blue key, however, can either unlock an elevated chest, using inventory managers to replace it with a gold key, for 2 uses, or it can unlock the ancient cavern. This is hidden in a rock or mountain or something. After you use the vending machine, which takes you blue key, the rock-prop-barrier disapears, revealing the cavern. Inside there is a sentry with a lot of health and sheild, which, when defeated, will drop a ticket. By inserting it into the invisible vending machine behind a gate console, the orange gate console will hide, and show a green one in its place, deactivating the vending machine. Also un-hidden will be the piles of money which hide invisible one-time buttons, which when pressed, grant in-game currency. As well, the pedestals around the room that were un-hidden, along with item images of the items the hidden one-time button will grant, will grant supercharged ledgendary gadgets of every type. There are also granters of gold keys, med packs, sheild cans, and upgrade tokens, one-use, but there are a lot of them.

Also, what about allainces between two players? (Shuts down after only the two players are left)

Teleporters are spread across the map, far apart from each other. Green or purple keys can unlock the barrier surrounding the teleporters, which allows you to teleport to other teleporters across the map, for easier transportation.

The spawn pads are spread out, and any team could use them, so you could spawn at one of many spawn pad spread across the map, so that the people are spead out. As well, they can set their spawn, if there is more than one life or you are redeemed, at a checkpoint station, each next to a teleporter.

Barriers constantly appear at the edge of the map, slowly herding you to the middle, where the shop is, along with a large, empty area for battling. This area has a waypoint, which reads “Nexus,” the center of the map.

There are security cameras in a building near the nexus, where you can use a/many camera view(s) to acess many camera points around the map.

How To Make Supercharged/OP items:

How To Make Special Abilities

How To Make Alliances

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Special Classes/Superpowers for players to pick
Several structures that provide challenges & loots