What are essentials should I have for my map?

I’m about to publish my map and finished checking for bugs, is there anything I should include to make the map better?
Top of Lobby:

Bottom of Lobby:

I don’t want people to think its bad and really could use some feedback.

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Looks great so far! Make sure the props in the first screenshot (top of lobby) has collision off and maybe add some waypoints to let people know where to go. Just don’t fill up the screen with thousands!

Yes, the props have collision off, I think the signs might be enough for them to find there way to the button to teleport. Also, do I have to give credit to the guides I used to make this map?

Sounds Good! And no it is not required for a map but you can if you want! That would be good for a credits section but no it is not required. Good Luck on your map!

Ah ok.
One last thing, do you think this thumbnail would do good or bad?

It looks good but there is the big blue gap where you could put something in. Try This!

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K I might add a border or accent to the color scheme.

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Good Idea! Can’t wait to play it - It sounds Fun!

Wow, the map looks good so far! Here’s some ideas that I got for you:

My suggestion for the thumbnail: add some decorations that make your map special! A logo, some Gim-related ideas, and more.

For your map, ask yourself 3 key questions:

  • Can this map be played for a good amount of time?

Taking up too much time may be bad in some cases. Same for having a concise map. Here’s an idea: test it out, like a speedrun, and see how it matches up.

  • Is it fun?

Of course, a map has to be relatively entertaining. If not, no one would want to play it. Try playtesting your map. If you get bored easily from the plot/game, then you might want to add some jazz to spice it up. Maybe multiple different endings?

  • Can beginners play this?

Many of my friends haven’t played Gimkit (yet). Because of this, newer users/players may want to get “Gimkitty” and play some other people’s maps, to learn and grow on their knowledge. Make sure your map is kid and beginner-friendly, but not so easy that Gimkit veterans speed straight through it.

That’s all from me! If you need any more help, just ask!


My map is kinda Fishtopia and the Snow Ball game but with some slight changes. I’m planning to make Arena Wars to some day be one big Fortnite like map.

Well I think its good enough to be posted

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Good luck with your map! Make sure to mark a solution!

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Its at 42 Plays already, you can check it out on discovery!

||I just played you game its very fun but the thumbnail looks kinda boring ||

Sorry I can’t change it bc gimkit won’t let me. Did you enjoy it?

Yeah but all your stuff makes it lag hard

In what areas does it lag

Most the main area where you spawn

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Okay, so i saw this and tested it, its really good, but some of the text boxes are on the above layer in the lobby, they need to be on the below one.

I changed that 30 minutes ago I’ll double check

@The_7th_Dragon on a scale of 1 to 10 how laggy is it